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Frequently Asked Questions

We use your email address purely for the login and having a method of contact for you. We never sell or give any of your information to anybody and we will only ever use it for things you agree to receive such as newsletters, or to inform you when you have a message in your inbox, or lesson cancellations. We take your confidentiality very seriously and we hate spam ourselves at e-driver, so we would never pass your emails onto anyone.

We have an auction scheme that allows the driving instructors to bid for the top slot in a search results page. This is why some of the driving instructors appear in different looking adverts at the top of the towns or counties. This revenue pays for the cost of running e-driver. In the future, the extra services that we would like to offer will help to generate a revenue that will enable us to offer an even better service. Basically this site can be used for FREE by both driving instructors and learner drivers, driving instructors just have a choice to take part in an auction, and we have no control over the price the auction goes to, that is set by all of you driving instructors.

We do NOT validate the authenticity of any driving instructors that sign up, and we advise that before taking a driving lesson with any driving instructor you validate that they have a valid ADI card. In the future we hope to be able to provide a validation service that will ensure all the driving instructors registered are valid.
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