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Driving Test

The UK driving test was introduces about 70 years ago. It was designed to ensure that anybody driving was a competent and safe driver. Over time the test has become more comprehensive (and difficult) to ensure safety on the roads, but even with these improvements to the standard required of drivers there are still about 10 deaths a day in road related accidents in the UK, and that doesn't include injuries. The Driving Standards agency are committed to trying to lower this number by introducing new policies, laws, and guidelines on road safety and the regulation of licensed drivers. About 1.3 million people take the UK driving test each year and there is a 43% pass rate.

This section on e-driver is filled with information on the practical part of your driving test. From what will happen on the day to booking the test. There are also some examples of the questions that may be asked during the show me tell me section of the website. We endeavour to keep the information on e-driver as up to date as possible, but we make no guarantee that the information is correct at time of reading.
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