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At e-driver we aim to offer a service that makes life easier. No more trawling through papers trying to locate a driving instructor and calling a mobile number found in the back of the paper. e-driver will enable you to see information about your driving instructor before making a decision about whether you want to take driving lessons with them. e-driver also gives you the ability to contact driving instructors by email so you can find out a bit more about your potential driving instructors before booking any lessons. Email removes the pressure to book a driving lesson with a driving instructor that you have phoned just because you are on the phone with them.

For our driving instructors we aim to offer a place to advertise their services directly to the potential learner drivers, and to provide the space for them to sell themselves through their profile for free. It can be expensive advertising through other mediums and independent driving instructors can often be overlooked for the bigger corporations with large adverts that dwarf the driving instructor's small advert. This website is purely for independent instructors, not large companies. However we cannot check every driving instructor that signs up so if you see a large company that has put up a profile then please contact us.
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